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About Us

Ben Tabatchnick in soup warehouse

From Our Table To Yours

Tabatchnick is a nationally recognized soup company with over 30 varieties of hearty soups and broths. Now in its 117th year of operation, Tabatchnick continues its tradition of serving award-winning foods, using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients in our products.

As an industry leader, we developed a revolutionary process of freezing our soups to lock in the flavor and freshness of our ingredients. We have innovative product lines featuring low sodium, organic, gluten free, and various others. All Tabatchnick products are certified kosher.

In addition to producing an amazing line of soups and broths, Tabatchnick is also focused on charitable contributions. We partner with Holy Apostles soup kitchen, the largest in New York City, to help feed the homeless. Globally, we work with USAID and UNICEF supplying several nutritional foods designed to save malnourished children worldwide.

Our History

“Family” is our most important ingredient.

We’re a family company, and family continues to be what we’re all about, since that’s where we came from.

After emigrating to America at the turn of the century, the Tabatchnick family opened delicatessens in the New York metro area and developed a revolutionary freezing and packaging process to ensure our take-home soups stayed fresh and flavorful.

Thanks to the vision of 4th generation soup-maker Ben Tabatchnick, we not only make great-tasting, award-winning soups and broths, but also ship institutional food products across the US. Ben’s ingenuity also resulted in the development of ready-to-use therapeutic foods (RUTF) that are saving starvation-ravaged populations across the globe.

Ben’s legacy continues with his widow, Rita, and children Jason, Alex, Anna, and Ruthie in keeping the Tabatchnick tradition. We’re still a family company, and we’ll proudly remain one. After all, “family” has always been and will always be our most important ingredient.

Original store front of Tabatchnick delicatesen from the early nineteen hundreds in New Jersey

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TheTabatchnick family in the factory warehouse

Soup Preparation Instructions

We conveniently include preparation instructions for our delicious soups and side dishes on the side panel of each product's box, and on the following page on our website: Soup Preparation Instructions Page

FAQs about Tabatchnick broths, soups and side dishes
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