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Shape Up for Summer with Soup

Tabatchnick offers a line of low-calorie frozen soups as the weather warms and beach season approaches

The cold winds of winter may be a memory, but soup continues to be a great choice for shaping up for


Tabatchnick offers a line of 100 calories-or-less frozen soups — from Barley & Mushroom to Wilderness

Wild Rice – that help soup lovers watch calories and eat light.

“Soup is a smart option to include as part of a healthy lunch or light dinner as you look forward to

upcoming swimsuit season. Just be sure to choose the right soup. Look for higher fiber and protein versions

with reduced amounts of sodium and opt for broth over cream-based soups,” says Registered Dietitian Jenny

Shea Rawn, nutrition communications consultant and healthy food blogger at My Cape Cod Kitchen

Enjoying a protein and fiber rich soup helps fill you up and satisfy hunger. Choosing a soup that’s also 100 calories-or-less helps you manage your daily calorie intake in a delicious way with no deprivation as you work towards your summer goals. Pair your soup with a leafy green salad sprinkled with slivered almonds plus a vinaigrette and add a piece of fruit for a satisfying, flavor-packed and balanced meal.

Frozen soups can be a healthier choice than most canned soups because they tend to be lower in sodium than the canned versions, she adds.

“Frozen foods continue to try to live down a bad reputation,” agrees nutritionist Vicki Koenig, MS, RD, CDN, who consults with well-known food brands and also maintains a private practice. “Frozen soups especially are a great choice — fresher than canned, not diluted with added water, and they’re more convenient.”

Another important point for today’s consumer: they don’t come in cans lined with Bisphenol A, the plastic found in water bottles and the target of growing health concerns.

Canned soups are often high in sodium to preserve the flavor, says Koenig, a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist. She adds that that extra preservative might be great for shelf life, but it comes at a cost to our health.

“Frozen soups are frozen at the peak of freshness, and like frozen vegetables — which are my choice over canned if fresh veggies aren’t available — frozen soups taste better and are usually better for you.”

Koenig recommends Tabatchnick Soups, which also come in organic, low-sodium, and gluten-free varieties, and all are certified kosher.

“That’s an important certification for people concerned about food safety,” says Koenig, adding that 3 out of 5 people who buy kosher food do so because they perceive it to be better quality, with only 14 percent buying it in connection with religious rules.

“Let’s face it, who has time to make a healthy soup from scratch?” asks Koenig. “From a nutrition standpoint, and as a busy mom myself, frozen is the way to go!”

About Tabatchnick

It all began with Great-Grandma’s pots of delicious, hearty soups simmering on a wood-fired stove, and today, more than 100 years later, Tabatchnick Fine Foods continues to offer handcrafted soups made from the highest quality, natural ingredients. All Tabatchnick soups start with pure artesian well water, and then are simmered oh-so-slowly in small batches. The company’s dedication to quality means Tabatchnick soups will always be a welcome addition to your family table.

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