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Two Spoons Up! We’ve Expanded our Low Sodium Offerings!

Spoon up healthier choices!

Tabatchnick expands its popular low-sodium offerings

Fourth-generation soup-maker Ben Tabatchnick is tweaking some of his great-grandmother’s soup

recipes to appeal to today’s health-conscious consumer.

America’s oldest family-owned national brand soup company – which has been ‘making it like Momma’

since 1905 – is expanding its line of popular low-sodium frozen soups by adding two new varieties.

“Momma’s recipes were always based on fresh, quality ingredients, and weve just improved on them”,

says Tabatchnick. “We know today that a healthy diet should include low-sodium choices.”

Tabatchnick points out that even his ‘regular’ varieties of frozen soups tend to be lower in sodium than

the leading canned brands.

“As a frozen soup, we’ve never had to rely on salt for taste or to keep the product fresh. Our soups are frozen at the peak of freshness.”

Tabatchnick’s line of low-sodium soups currently includes Vegetable, Pea Soup, and Barley & Mushroom. The new offerings hitting the freezer Lentil and Minestrone.

About Tabatchnick Fine Foods

It all began with Great-Grandma’s pots of delicious, hearty soups simmering on a wood-fired stove, and today, more than 100 years later, Tabatchnick Fine Foods continues to offer handcrafted soups made from the highest quality, natural ingredients. Tabatchnick produces over three dozen delicious varieties of frozen soups and side dishes, single-serve Soup Singles, and shelf-stable aseptic soups and broths.

Tabatchnick Tuscany Lentil Soup box
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