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Benje's Mushroom Soup

Benje's Naturals Mushroom Soup box

Ingredients: water, organic mushrooms, organic carrots, organic onions, organic celery, organic mushroom flavor base (organic mushrooms, organic canola oil, organic tamari soy sauce [water, organic soy beans, salt and organic alcohol {to retain freshness}], organic flavoring, organic onion powder, yeast extract, natural flavor, organic shitake mushroom powder, lactic acid), organic expeller pressed canola oil, sea salt, organic textured soy protein, xanthan gum, organic parsley, organic mirepoix (vegetables [organic carrots, organic celery, organic onions], organic expeller pressed soybean oil], organic evaporated cane juice, sea salt), organic garlic, and organic spices.

Allergy Warning: This product contains soy

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