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New England Potato Soup - Discontinued

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Imagine strolling down an old dirt road in the heart of New England, surrounded by strong Maple trees and a sea of leaves exploding with brilliant colors. You hear Cardinals and Starlings serenade you from the branches.   The crisp autumn air fills your lungs with pure serenity. You reach your cottage and are met with a warm bowl of Tabatchnick New England Potato Soup. You take a bite into the thick, hearty potatoes swimming in a creamy soup with the perfect amount of seasoning. A recipe perfected by fifth generation master soup makers. And at once, your soul is at peace, for today was the perfect day.

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Ingredients: Water, potatoes, heavy cream, nonfat dry milk, carrots, onions, modified food starch, leeks, celery, salt,  green bell peppers, red bell peppers, spices.

ALLERGY WARNING: This product contains milk.

Preparation Instructions


1. Slit bag on one side diagonally making a large X from corner to corner

2. Place bag with slit side facing down in a NON-METALLIC BOWL.

3. Microwave 1 bag on high for 4 1/2 minutes or until hot (because of differences in microwave ovens, heating times may vary).

4. Pinch plastic bag from middle of uncut side, lift from bowl.

Contents will empty into bowl. CAREFUL, it will be hot!

5. Stir well before serving.


1. Remove frozen pouch of soup from box.


2. Open pouch, remove soup and place in microwave-safe bowl.


3. Place bowl in microwave on high for 4 1/2 minutes, stirring occasionally.


4. Enjoy!


Remove frozen pouch of soup from box. Place unopened pouch in saucepan with water and bring to a boil. (Do not cover.) Continue boiling for 15 minutes. Slit pouch open, serve, and enjoy!

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